Board of Directors – Jan 19, 2021

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Roll Call // Introductions – 5m

  • BoD attendees 
    • Ronica Roth, Lori Langston, Christen McLemore, Jen Krieger, Richard Dolman
  • Community attendees
    •  Tih

Connect to Our Craft // Personal Check-ins + Wins – 10m

[no notes]


Community Forum – 10m

Space for people who have come specifically addressed the board.

SIG Leader Time – 15m

What discussions or coordinations would the SIG/CoP leaders like to have? What help or input might they like from the board?


**Natural exit point for folks who don’t want to sit through whole agenda**

?Check in with last month’s Action Plan – 5m

Copied in below. How did we do? Quick round-robin?

What will each board member commit to doing between now and our next board meeting?

  • Ronica: I have clear items on Trello board
  • Richard: OKR#3 follow-ups for Jan meeting, Radical Transparency article
  • Lori:  Trello cards resulting from SIG summit.  Aggregation and summary of SIG summit for sharing with everyone.  Newsletter submissions.
  • Christen: 
  • Jen: Website & Comms plans

Main Agenda – 

Any agenda items to add outside the Trello board?

  • Technical issues with Google domain.  Losing items when a user deletes their profile.  Permissions are all over the place, not restricted where it should be.  Discuss hiring technical help for this and perhaps website.
  • OKRs 
    • What’s your Hug-O-Meter Level?
    • Make it Easy  
    • Mo’ Money!    (Richard) 


Items from Trello Requiring Decisions

  • Code of Conduct can be published after a final review
  • Richard has some blog content for us to review soon


Communication Plan – 10m

What coordinated announcements will we deliver at AD events?

  • MHA is on hold for organizing
  • The OKRs (on web site) and opportunity to volunteer (email lead)
  • The Slack invite link (on the front page of


Other needed communications?

Action Plan – 10m

What will each board member commit to doing between now and our next board meeting?

  • Ronica: Continue to work with Agile Alliance on Meetup. Edits I’ve promised. Facilitate getting OKRs talked about.
  • Richard: OKR 3 updates + Finish Radical Transparency article
  • Lori: Newsletter content.  Approve code of conduct.  Review Richard’s blog.  Jan meetup, 2 meetups in Feb.  Support and attend other AD meetups.  Send Jen ideas for member interviews.
  • Christen: 
  • Jen: Comms/newsletter

Next Meeting – Feb 16th, 2021 – 5m

  • Will we meet in Feb? Yes
  • Is it Virtual or In Person?  Virtual
  • Who will attend? Richard, Ronica  Lori

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