Objectives and Key Results

Objective 1: Deeply understand the current state of agility in Colorado.

  • KR 1.1 – By the end of Q1, update the website to reflect all who have contributed to volunteering positions (Board Members, SIG Leaders) with the Agile Denver community. 
  • KR 1.2 – By the end of Q2, publish a list of at least 10 Agile consultancies(consultants), local authors/experts and alliances based in Colorado.
  • KR 1.3 – By the end of Q3, we understand the state of agile in the Denver metro area (along the lines of which companies are most agile, have great agile cultures, etc).
  • KR 1.4 – By the end of Q4, publish a list of the Agile companies to work for in Colorado (to create a compelling value proposition for sponsors.)

Objective 2: Curate diverse leading-edge content, presenters, and topics.

  • KR 2.1 – In 2022, at least 2 meetups a quarter have a new speaker (new to AD or new to speaking).
  • KR 2.2 – By the end of February, we have curated a common place to store speaker referrals, suggestions and ideas for SIG Leaders to use.
  • KR 2.3 – By the end of Q2, we have a SIG Summit to produce an established plan of record for all SIG Communities in AD for the year.
  • KR 2.4 – By the beginning of Q2, we have an established plan to tell a story via our content. 
  • KR 2.5 – By the beginning of Q2, we have an established plan to support multi-channel content streams for all of our SIG Content (video recordings, blog posts, linkedin/twitter notices). 

Objective 3: Assess our financial investment in our local community.

  • KR 3.1 – By the end of Q1, Hire a CPA and complete our taxes on time. 
  • KR 3.2 – By the end of Q2, have a full understanding of what money Agile Denver has and how we want to invest it back into the community. 
  • KR 3.3 – By the end of Q3, we have an understanding of how to grow that money for the future betterment of the community.