Board of Directors – Election Information

Dear Agile Denver community:

We have had a fantastic year moving Agile Denver forward.  Agile Denver will only continue to thrive with amazing people willing to engage with this community.  In order to help stagger transitions on the board, this year, one board of directors seat is open for election. That means, beginning on May 15th nominations and self-nominations are open to all of our members, and that means you!

What Is the Mission of Agile Denver?

Agile Denver is a non-profit outreach organization stewarding a vibrant agile community across the front range.  We connect our community to engage, explore, and evolve so that we can improve our ways of working.  

We understand joining a board can be daunting, but Agile Denver is dedicated to fostering an inclusive, supportive environment for everyone, regardless of prior board experience. If you’re passionate about Agile and eager to learn, don’t hesitate to nominate yourself for our Board of Directors. 

Agile Denver Board of Directors shall be of the age of majority in Colorado. Directors of this corporation shall meet one or more of the following qualifications:

  • Interest in Agile and be an experienced practitioner,
  • Interest in Technical Practices and be an experienced practitioner,
  • Experience organizing and growing a non­profit organization,
  • Experience as a community manager/leader.

The term for each board member shall be two years and until his or her successor is elected and qualifies. No director shall serve more than three consecutive terms.

What do board members do? 

The Agile Denver board of directors is a volunteer based working board.  Altogether, the board does community outreach, organizational management, marketing and communications, policy-making, financial stewardship, and lots of modeling of agile ways of working. Activities and time commitments ebb and flow but can include:

  • attend (virtually or in person) the monthly BoD meeting, where we collaborate and plan support of the community, understand and guide our finances including spending, meeting monthly reporting requirements, approving new spending, cause to file annual non-profit tax returns etc., guide and support the SIG leaders, generally make policy decisions and whatever else is on the agenda
  • attend a SIG at least monthly
  • take action on organizational sustainability efforts and initiatives
  • review and ensure compliance with governance requirements
  • design, attend, facilitate and guide follow-up actions of quarterly events
  • support the SIG leaders in recruiting sponsors, speakers and attendees and generally building an active community
  • promote a sense of community by being active on Slack and LinkedIn
  • collaborate between meetings via Slack, email and occasional ad hoc meetings and sub-committees

This is usually a commitment of about 15 hours per month (~3-4 hrs/week).

Why join the Agile Denver board of directors?

Joining Agile Denver offers a unique and fulfilling opportunity to make a meaningful impact in our community and evolve the state of the Agile Denver community. As a board member, you will develop valuable leadership skills, broaden your network, and gain diverse perspectives through collaboration with like-minded professionals. Additionally, participating in the Agile Denver board enables you to enhance your strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities, as you will be responsible for the governance, financial stability, and long-term direction of the organization. By dedicating your time and expertise to Agile Denver, you not only contribute to the greater good, but also experience personal and professional growth that can enrich your life and career.  

This is a chance to broaden your skill set, forge meaningful connections, and contribute to our thriving Agile Denver community. Take the leap and join us on this rewarding journey! 

Nomination Timeline:

If you or someone you know would be a valuable addition to the Agile Denver Board of Directors as they explore new directions and sustainability for the organization moving forward, please fill out this nomination form by May 31st.  

We are asking that all potential and interested nominees attend the Board of Directors meeting on May 21st, 5:30-7:30 pm MT if possible.  This will be an opportunity for candidates to ask any questions and learn more about the board and state of Agile Denver.

During the first two weeks of June, nominees will be asked to sign up for a 15 min interview slot for any additional questions from or to the nominees.  

At the Board of Directors meeting on June 18th, 5:30-7:30 pm MT, the current board members, previous board members, and SIG leaders will discuss the candidates. Then current board members will vote for the person they believe will create a team to successfully lead the future of Agile Denver. 

New board members will be inducted at the July 16th board meeting


Please reach out to the current board at on in Slack at #chat-with-the-board.

Your Agile Denver Board of Directors,

Tricia Broderick, Teddy Carroll, Allison Cooper, Candy Durfee, Manny Segarra 3, Brad Swanson, Dan Wyks