Mile High Agile 2024 “Reboot”?

What do we mean when we say Mile High Agile 2024 “Reboot”?

Photo by Vedhas Pathak on Unsplash

We are very excited to be holding Mile High Agile for the first time since 2019. In starting this conference up again – rebooting it, we have made intentional changes from what you may remember from 2019.

New Venue: The McNichols Civic Center Building is a unique, fun space that will contribute to a collaborative conference experience. This smaller setting allows for deeper conversations, fostering new relationships, and exchanging ideas with peers and industry experts. Much of the space will be dedicated to the great breakout sessions and networking space. 

Local Focus: You will notice that our speakers hail predominantly from the Denver area. We’re thrilled to showcase the wealth of talent and expertise right here in our own community. By spotlighting local voices, we aim to foster stronger connections and inspire actionable insights tailored to our region’s needs and challenges.

Intimate networking opportunities: With our reduced number of available tickets, there will be more opportunities to connect more deeply with those around you and interact in the breakout sessions. Take time to reconnect with familiar faces as well as to meet new friends.

Lunch Experience: We are excited to introduce a novel lunch experience with food trucks at Civic Center Eats, offering a refreshing change from traditional conference catering.

We are enthusiastic about embracing this evolution as we return to Mile High Agile in 2024. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to a conference filled with engaging discussions, valuable insights, and meaningful connections. Our commitment to delivering high-quality content remains steadfast, ensuring an enriching experience for all participants.

We can’t wait to see you at Mile High Agile on May 15th. Register here!