Ronica Roth, Director At Large

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Ronica wants to change the world of work, helping companies build learning organizations that honor the individual, give everyone the chance to do what they do best, and harness the power of teams to amplify great work and produce great stuff (including software).

Throughout her software career, and particularly since beginning to adopt Agile practices, she has helped business people and technologists collaborate daily to plan and prioritize investments and backlogs for value, quality, and innovation.

As an agile consultant and services leader since 2003, Ronica has coached executives; helped dozens of companies transform; and nurtured one world-class agile consultancy, building a tribe of passionate, dedicated professionals who continue to change the world of work.

In Jan 2019, Ronica co-founded Elevate, which partners with leadership teams to help them deliver lasting positive change within their organizations. Together we leverage collaborative strategy articulation and leadership storytelling to align an empowered organization of people and teams to do great work.

Serving on the board of Agile Denver is another opportunity to nurture the change she want to see in the world: Serving the people who are creating organizations where people learn together and thrive together.