Baking the Perfect Retrospective, a Recipe for Team Success

Tired of uninspired retrospectives that don’t lead to real improvements? It’s time to learn a fresh recipe – maybe even kick it up a notch! Create retros that will leave your team satisfied, energized, and delivering better results.

In this talk, we’ll look at four key ingredients to any retro (really, to any team), and how their presence or absence can affect the retro. Are you clear on the goal of the retro? Is there sufficient trust and respect within the team? What capabilities are present or lacking? How candid are the communications?

Come prepared to share your experiences and insights with others, and together, we’ll learn how to build the best retrospective ever.

Whether you are new to agile development or a seasoned Scrum Master, you will find original ideas for uplifting your retrospectives from dull and uninspired to vivid and memorable. The audience will leave energized and equipped to shape retrospectives that drive deeper teamwork, smoother delivery, and greater satisfaction for team members and their customers. Join in this fruitful discussion that will help propel your team to greater success!