Do You Have the Courage to Climb Mt. Accountability?

*Overview: Do you have the courage to climb Mt. Accountability? Dare to be courageous with me as we shift from a powerless to a powerful mindset! “There’s nothing I can do… It’s out of my control… Someone else will have to solve for this.” Without accountability, it becomes very difficult to stay focused on intentions and ultimately achieve goals. In this session, we will discover the Accountability Ladder and climb it one rung at a time so that we leave ready to engage and commit! Because… Mt. Accountability is worth the climb!
*Structure: This is a talk with incorporated short activities and movement throughout the room will be needed to gain the full outcome and benefit of the session.
*Objectives: Review the 8 rungs of the Accountability Ladder, learn techniques to shift from a powerless to a powerful mindset, develop a desire to engage and commit!
*Outcome: Attendees will have a clear definition of Accountability with tangible takeaways for climbing Mt. Accountability using a powerful mindset.
*Attendees in influential, supportive, coaching, and growth roles will benefit the most from this talk.
*Attendees with a growth mindset who desire to reflect and adjust will benefit from this talk.