From Cautious to Courageous: A Live Rollerskating Journey (That Will Move You!)

Embark on a transformative journey with keynote speaker Melissa Boggs in this electrifying session, tailor-made for those seeking change in a world that often clings to tradition.

As nostalgic melodies set the backdrop, we’ll challenge the status quo, igniting your inner fire as we break free from the chains of conventionality.

Through captivating storytelling and dynamic roller-dance, Melissa unveils the transformative power of possibility through lessons from the roller rink. Each moment becomes a movement towards your big idea as Melissa inspires you to embrace change, revolutionizing your path and empowering you to seize every opportunity with fervor.

Join us on this inspiring journey led by Melissa Boggs, and let the winds of change carry you to new heights. #letpossibilitymoveyou