The Human Side of Prioritization

Setting priorities can feel like alphabet soup: MoSCoW, RICE, and WSJF to name a few. In Navigating the Human Side of Prioritization, we’ll move beyond the acronyms to take a look at the often-overlooked aspect of setting priorities—the human factor. This session is about understanding the psychological and social dynamics that influence our decisions, from people-pleasing tendencies and personal preferences to dealing with executive overrides and unexpected requests.

We’ll explore the intricate dance between structured prioritization techniques and the messy, unpredictable world of human behavior. Attendees will gain insights into:
– Understanding Human Nature in Decision-Making – Learn how natural inclinations towards pleasing others, preferring certain types of work, and overcommitting impact our ability to prioritize effectively.
– Identifying External Pressures – Recognize how external factors, such as executive decisions and unplanned requests, can derail our best-laid plans and strategies to navigate these challenges.
– Balancing Personal Preferences with Professional Responsibilities – Strategies for managing personal biases and aligning them with organizational goals to ensure a productive prioritization process.
– Strategies for Addressing these Factors – Practical tips and strategies for overcoming the human side of prioritization, ensuring that your priorities stay on track.

Whether you’re an agile leader, a team leader, or anyone who juggles multiple priorities in a professional setting, this talk will equip you with the tools and understanding needed to transform your approach to prioritization, making it more human-centered and effective.