The power of Role Modeling for Cultural Awareness & sustainable Agility

Audience: Every conference attendee who is, has been or will be part of a broad change initiative, like an “Agile Transformation” within their organizations.

Adopting and improving Agility is disruptive and inevitably impacts, or will be impacted by, your organization’s culture.
How can we engage leaders and peers more effectively to create cultural awareness and include culture as a critical success factor for your organization’s goals?

This workshop will equip you with the tools to reshape the thinking of Agile from just another “check-the-box” project to a more organic, culture-forward mission for sustainable agility.

Attendees will be able to apply the concept of cultural awareness and role-modeling to help strategies, tactics and expectations for leading change.
Attendees will evaluate the key traits of leadership and good role modeling that they possess and how those can impact and inspire behaviors and experiences for others involved in the change.
Attendees will be able to take new ideas back to their teams to develop an action plan they can implement, promoting a culture of sustainable change.