Think Like a Forest: Systems Thinking in Real Life

What happens – what *really* happens – when we find out a detailed transformation plan is at odds with our day-to-day reality? What if our original assumptions turn out to be wrong?
Disappointment. Withdrawal. Frustration. Resistance. Fatigue. Lack of trust in leadership.

We can do better, if we think like a forest.

Inspired by the intricate and interconnected nature of forests, “forest thinking” is a systems thinking metaphor we can apply to your team, your business, and your agile adoption. This session will explore real-world agile transformations through this lens, and leave participants with five ways to facilitate forest thinking in your organization.

Join Agile Coach and ex-biologist Erika Lenz and COO Robin Weldon Cope for a lively discussion of these concepts.

* Learn the 5 perspectives of forest thinking, with examples from both biology and business
* Recall at least one example of a facilitation that deepened understanding about the system using these perspectives
* Take away facilitation notes for these exercises.