You Have Spinach in your Teeth…and Other Feedback Opportunities that Fuel Your Professional Growth

Do you tell someone if they have spinach in their teeth? Whether it’s superficial observations or extensive feedback, what feedback opportunities are you giving your teams and receiving in your own role to fuel your professional growth? We’ll discuss active listening techniques, creating a safe environment, integrating feedback loops in a variety of your weekly activities, and practice giving feedback to each other via a 2% truth exercise. Join and be prepared to acknowledge when you have spinach in your teeth!

Intended Audience
Beginner/intermediate agilists, but I’ve also seen value for more experienced folks especially if they’re uncomfortable with giving/receiving feedback

Learning Outcomes
1. Acquire the ability to strategically choose and apply diverse feedback styles, tailoring your approach to various Agile team scenarios.

2. Learn strategies to foster psychological safety within Agile teams, creating an environment where open expression of thoughts and concerns becomes the norm.

3. Discover real-world examples and techniques to seamlessly integrate feedback loops into Scrum Events, ensuring a continuous improvement rhythm within your Agile teams.

4. Elevate your active listening skills through practical exercises, enabling a deeper understanding of team members’ perspectives during feedback exchanges.