Board of Directors – May 19th, 2020

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Call To Order

Roll Call / Introductions

  • BoD attendees: Trevor Peterson, Ronica Roth, Christen McLemore, Jen Krieger, Richard Dolman
  • Community attendees: Lori Langston

Connect to Our Craft

10 minutes to go around the room and share something we learned or did in the last month.

  • Richard – Haven’t been good connecting to y’all – been hyper focused on my company and we’re doing lots of work. Learning a lot about the subtle differences of facilitation in a remote environment versus in person. Getting much better at using Mural.
  • Christen – Been trying to connect our ideas from the last meeting with people that want to help. People are exhausted of all the online stuff and connecting with the people they are stuck with. I’m understanding how difficult it is for other people and being connected all the time. Being aware of all these challenges and how different they are for different people.
  • Jen – People just want something to be fixed, not get to understanding. This is how we used to need to be, but is not where we are now. Collective ownership will be needed to solve these issues. I need to understand my own personal what will I do when I’m put in these difficult situations. Want to spend some time investing in me.
  • Lori – This is the first week I haven’t worked 60+ hours. Our teams earlier in the year had wanted to “change the world”. We are in retail pharmacy so it was hard to see how to change this at the beginning of the year. Telehealth was done by us to change the world! I need to take those moments, but non-productive time is good too. A lot of this stuff is not fun time right now, they just want to be with their families. I had to give myself a break that I’m not a bad scrum master if I’m not doing all the “fun” things. We have to be flexible with ourselves and not give in to our personal bias on what we should be.
  • Ronica – The past week was about self-care. I spent every morning entirely on me. I’m grateful for that opportunity. We’ve been thinking about marketing for our company. It’s been fun to dive into what I most want to work on next, contribute to next. What services go with culture change. It’s a continuation of my mission for Jean’s stuff and how to get it even more accepted than she did.
  • Trevor – Leadership training with Brad Swanson and Randy Hale. Competing Values Framework. Shared with colleagues. Immediate impact.


  • Community Forum (30 minutes max)
    • Lori – I had a trello card about putting together a SIG handbook. I hadn’t done anything by the beginning of the year. COVID continued to make me too busy. Then I realized I hadn’t created a SIG, I inherited one, so I need help from the other SIG leaders and making it a group effort. Thought about making it a way to get the SIG leaders together in their own subgroup. Don’t have an idea of when, but this is the plan. As things are seeming to slow down, I can get started on it. There should be a board member involved as well to help corral and liaison with the board. Trevor volunteered to assist with this.
  • State of the Community
    • What are we hearing and seeing? Including from our survey
      • Catherine Cartwright had reached out about getting an organizer added for the monthly meeting. She also wanted to reach out to MHA speakers to see if they would want to present. We wanted to respect our speakers privacy and came up with a plan to contact them on behalf of the SIGs.
      • We wanted to figure out how to connect folks outside of our standard SIG meetings. We have ideas on connecting larger groups and outside of our normal boundaries as people may be looking for work in the age of COVID. Colorado Springs meetup could be one group. People in other states know about MHA and want to interact with us more. Potentially help us with MHA ticket sales next year.
    • Interpretations
      • Any cons about opening Denver more widely? I don’t want to compete with other communities, everyone being virtual may contribute to that.
      • Another downside is clarity on what we want to accomplish. Is it something we can sustain? There is a big learning opportunity for us. A lot of potential benefit there.
      • Does it put more load or strain on our SIG leaders? Is there a size barrier after we remove the physical barrier. We’re doing something valuable if people show up. I’d rather break it and fix it. There’s burdens we haven’t thought of, but I’d rather surface them and deal with them instead of assume.
      • Our world will be different when we can resume normal. The benefit to SIG leadership was to help people make connections for the long term. Remote makes this harder to have the same payoff.
      • 2 parts: ask speakers if they want to do SIGs, do we do a separate larger group meeting to bring many groups together as a special thing. Also some people may not have anything like this in their area. May also work as a recording and share it.
      • Making it a special event doesn’t detract from our physical community. Makes it a lower risk experiment
    • Actions – any new things we want to do?
      • We need to get better at Marketing. Consider different tactics to communicate what is going on in Denver.
      • Reach out and find some partners for a cross promotional meetup. Don’t know how we reach out to people with communities that are too small to have a meetup. But the 6 of us on this call have a vast network to reach out to. (Card in Trello – Christen and Lori)
  • Treasurer Update
    • Cash on hand as of 5.19.2020 = $255,932.23
    • Talking to a local accountant about QB reconciliation and tax prep support.
      • Board approved having the accountant do a quick audit of the Quickbooks accounts and to look over the tax return. This is not an ongoing contract, but an ad hoc engagement.
    • All MHA refunds have been handled. Have gotten refunds from Hyatt. Have not heard from the Viewhouse on a refund yet.
  • MHA 2021 & Beyond
    • (from Jen in Slack: Dan believes the way the conference is currently running is financially not viable long term. (e.g. two day @ the hyatt with the # of tickets that we have sold in the past two years).
      • This is an opportunity for us to do another investigation into other possible venues. Is the Hyatt still the cheapest option? If we target a smaller conference, we could have more choices. Not going to be a quick thing, lots of time, effort, and phone calls.
      • Do we think about online conference/something else? There is still a possibility that we may not be able to have a conference next year.
      • Do we make it smaller/more specialized/more boutique/yielding more revenue?
      • Jen wants to find out what Christen wants to do – Need to identify a co-chair
  • Bylaws review and updates
    • We did a 10 minute time box and an additional 5 minutes – Determined address, made some minor edits, and discussed terms and timing of elections.
  • Trello Board: Review board right to left
    • Trello board reviewed and updated


  • What coordinated announcements will we deliver at the SIGs?
    • We’re here for you
    • Tell people about the website!
  • Other needed communications?
    • N/A

Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

  • As of now, who plans to be in-person vs remote vs absent? [Note: In-person v remote depends on external factors. –RR]
    • June meeting will continue to be remote

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