Board of Directors – June 16, 2020

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Call To Order

Roll Call / Introductions

  • BoD attendees: Trevor Peterson, Ronica Roth, Christen McLemore, Jen Krieger, Richard Dolman
  • Community attendees: Catherine Cartwright, Shari Soroka, Henry Gabaldon, Lori Langston

Connect to Our Craft

10 minutes to go around the room and share something we learned or did in the last month.
  • Trevor – Attended kanban sig last week. Great discussion of how to train on lean and kanban. Learned some new tools. And there’s an update to kanban maturity model.
  • Henry – Certified team coaching – I just started with a mentor in Calgary – working to become a certified enterprise coach – International Coaching Federation
  • Christen – Helping a small entrepreneur woman owned business learn how to do strategic planning. Fun to reconnect with another group who knows how but needs help to facilitate
  • Ronica – Participated in the virtual Agile Summit. Many good things, my favorite thing – as a speaker I had free passes to give away and I gave it to a Scrum Master that is doing entirely business team agile. Amazing to watch her get so excited, the following week we did actual planning, sorta quarterly planning. She was so energized and confident in her delivery and facilitation. That is why we have conferences – so much learning at once it bursts out of you
  • Jen – 3 weeks ago took an IC Agile course combined ENT and CAT. Enterprise Agile Coach class. First two days was just refresher without any context. Last parts were case study – apply – this part was very useful – next step would be cohorts that could be 9 months @ $8k
  • Catherine – Started new job at a Design level in SAFe org – learning why the roles are defined how they are since this place has proxy POs and it is not as effective. I learned you can storm with leadership.
  • Shari – Just sat for SAFe SM certification. Catherine helped me study.
  • Richard – I’ve semi connected in a couple of areas – violated my own personal WIP limits – signed up for the virtual conference as well. Not much real-time, but have been able to catch up over time with the all-access. For my core team of coaches, it is one of worst things to hold together, we know how to storm! An interesting reminder of how we have to dig deeper to connect to our craft when we are the team and not just coaching.


    1. Community Forum (30 minutes max)

      1. Shari is joining Catherine to co-host the Monthly meeting. She is added to the Zoom and Chat. Adding her to the SIG leaders email and website as well. Postponing asking for a card until we are back in person. Ronica is creating a template to help with all of these onboarding tasks in the future.
      2. What are the board’s aspirations for the monthly meeting? Ronica – There was a time the board was focused on other things, so it was good to be hands off. We consider it the premier meetup for this group. It is the core. The monthly has been lost somewhat in the shuffle. The more the other SIGs are associated with Agile Denver, the less the monthly stands out. Jen – I’d like to see it as the place the welcome happens – “Welcome to Agile Denver” it’s the place we remind about all that is available with Agile Denver. Richard – I agree with the ponderance of the question. How to distinguish and amplify that. It is the flagship meetup. Feels ambiguous to me. Ronica – be cool to give it a clearer name. I’m picturing people go to their SIG based on their location, interest – be nice to have Agile Denver Monthly be the large center where everyone comes together. Catherine – there was some support for food, may be funding to bring in a “rock star”. Is that an occasional option? Since we’re remote now, what if this lowers the barrier for who we could get to come speak. Shari – Authors, pod-cast hosts, etc. Don’t even have to be in the US. Maybe the board could provide some suggestions. Catherine – we plan to re-assess on the remote. Christen – we’ve talked about continuing with remote access even as we start opening up again. There are some people that would prefer that, some people prefer the in-person touch. Ronica – one other thought – there is a certain amount of money from us, but there is also the possibility of getting corporate sponsorship – sponsoring better talks. Catherine – I’m at Aetna and Lori is there as well – we should collaborate – her meetup has a certain lens; trying to figure out if we should do two different meetups in the same building/location – is that confusing? Ronica- Finding space is hard, why complicate it if you have a space? Christen – one of the requests/suggestions – if we can record the meetups and if the SIG leaders can remember – we can put the recordings on our Youtube channel – we could brand the front and back of the videos – Board loves this idea – Consent forms needed? If Zoom only records speaker view instead of gallery and everyone else is muted, no form needed. If SIG leader finishes recording and something needs to be edited out, Christen has software for that. Jen – Presentation is recorded, Q&A is not Richard – we’ve done that in the past – just checked at the start if anyone has a problem with recording this. Stopped it at the Q&A. Shari – I’ve had several meetups where the leader asks if it is ok to record – Board voted unanimously to send an email to the SIG leaders about recording the meetups – Christen to send it
      3. Collaborative Meetups – Agile Austin – talking last month about doing something with outside groups. Christen worked with Lori and Richard – we have a date set in July with Colleen as speaker with a meeting outside of all of our normal groups. Agile Austin will host the next one and send us info about the time and speaker. Working with Agile Memphis now to have them join as well. Because it is people outside CO, want to do prep about how to introduce the groups – jobs lists for both locations – summary at the end about how to engage more with the communities. Looking for more connections to more organizers in other areas. Jen has added some other groups to the MHA spreadsheet.
    2. Treasurer Update

      1. Cash position mostly unchanged from prior month @ $253,760 
      2. Having an accountant help me review and clean up QB 
        • One-time clean-up cost @ $2000
        • Additional, Ad-Hoc review and advisory services as needed (e.g. Pre-Tax Return filing review)
      3. Need to get 2019 taxes filed between now and October
      4. Got a new card ordered for Marie. Will do a reconciliation of outstanding cards at some point. Virtually no out of pocket expenses for SIGs right now.
      5. Has anybody followed up on ViewHouse cancellation? They are still not open yet. Jen and team to follow up. Hoping to carry the deposit forward for next year.
    3. MHA 2021 & Beyond

      1. Just kicking off the whole process again – asked 2020 team leaders if they wanted to continue on 2021. Most have said yes, some haven’t responded yet. Applications are due by Monday next week. Christen will select people to fill those roles by July 6th. Leaving myself time to meet them. Kick off would be around August 15th. We have had about 11 apply – Shonna is staying with Venue, Marie is Attendee Experience. Thank you to Jen since she was awesome to work with and for (mostly with)!
      2. We are looking for Program Lead, Submission reviewers, Program Co-Chair. Please suggest if you know anyone good for these roles. It is a lot of work and folks found themselves in a position where they couldn’t keep the commitment required. This is a very serious conference that we want to run well even if it is a volunteer organization. I have a few people that have listed Co-Chair as an option. There are two candidates that I think may be good, but I don’t know them that well. I’ve reached out and got a few other responses from people that missed the first email, but do respond when approached. Christen put the link in the chat and SIG leaders channel to send interested folks to
    4. Bylaws review and updates

        • Draft v 7
        • Working session to finish 6/29 4pm MT
    5. Trello Board: Review board right to left

      1. Trello board reviewed and updated


  1. What coordinated announcements will we deliver at the SIGs?

    1. We’re here for you
    2. Tell people about the website!
  2. Other needed communications?

    1. N/A

Next Meeting:

As of now, who plans to be in-person vs remote vs absent?
  1. All remote

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