Board of Directors – July 21, 2020

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Call To Order

Roll Call / Introductions

  • BoD attendees: Trevor Peterson, Ronica Roth, Christen McLemore, Jen Krieger, Richard Dolman
  • Community attendees: Catherine Cartwright, John Trimble, Sue Laurent, Lori Langston

Connect to Our Craft

10 minutes to go around the room and share something we learned or did in the last month.
  • Christen – LinkedIN has a “Resume” builder based on your profile! For lazy people like me, it’s a lifesaver!
  • Jen = Sitting for the PMI-ACP exam tomorrow. I am wrong when I answer the way I would at work or in real life. Training myself on the way that the PMI wants it answered. It is wrong for the real world. We’re still as an industry really struggling to hook and bring along some of these outdated ways of working.
  • Catherine = I am going to my first PIP planning – learning to set up tools to facilitate the conversations i want to have. In Design, trying to find ways to fit that together in the SAFe framework. Trying to convince designers that they can be agile.
  • John = I’m a scrum master in Florida, looking to move to Denver. Trying to get to know some Denver Agile folks. On the worst team I’ve been on, org constraints have limited any changes. Starting with a bad definition of done to get to a better definition of done.
  • Sue =  Learned I can do about 15 different things at the same time with enough wine. Two portions – my marketing focus and push the boundaries of making myself a better writer. From an Agile perspective, trying to live the principles of collaboration. Struggling with collaborating with people I don’t like.
  • Lori = I think it is possible for me to be more prepared and deliver virtual PI planning in an effective way. I’m learning to be a remote Scrum Master. Took a couple of tries to get some feedback and make it right.
  • Richard = First Leading SAFe training in a long time. Had a group of folks from Texas to India to Slovakia to Ireland. More of the same since the last board meeting. Continue to hone my remote facilitation skills and coaching skills. Running an experiment with Mural and Miro. Learned to not take for granted that all companies have reasonably up to date technology.
  • Trevor – He found data on project level work that projected four years of work already!


Community Forum (30 minutes max)

  1. John – as a new member, would love 5 minutes to learn about Agile Denver. Lots of good stories from everyone on how they joined – shout out for the website!
  2. Catherine – want to thank everyone (Lori and Christen) for the cross city meetup – Denver and Austin. Topped out at 100 people at one point – 20-30 stayed for conversations afterwards. We have two in the hopper. Agile Memphis is one potential
Treasurer Update
  1. Cash on Hand as of 7/21/2020:  $204,206 (Chase) + $46,962 (PayPal)  
  2. QB cleanup and Reconciliation: In-Progress.  
    • Accountant has cleaned up a few posting mistakes (dating back to 2016!). 
    • Nothing major, just minor issues, no impact to prior year tax returns.  
    • Should be completed by EOM
    • 2019 Tax return will be completed once recon is done. 
MHA 2021 & Beyond
  1. Trello card: 
  2. Close out of last year’s conference today in one of the tickets – Viewhouse did not send refund; reached out three times without response – may need a new contact; Did all refunds for sponsors and tickets.
  3. Don’t have a budget yet for 2021 conference – Where will we be next year, COVID? Nobody knows; options – 
    • Move it from May to October – May is still iffy = move to one day conference (ticket sales are already difficult for 2 days; lost funding for companies or individuals; hotels cleaning schedule may mean 45 minutes minimum between speakers unless people stay in same rooms; some hotels are already charging same costs for one day now as previously for two days)
    • Do a partial virtual and in-person conference – May is virtual, Oct is in-person 1 day
    • Full virtual conference is not an option because data shows that virtual conferences do not sell and are not well-attended
  4. In Person Conference (Shawna is contacting hotels)
    • Research -1 Day w/ 500 person max Sep/Oct?
    • 2 Day w/ 500 person max Sep/Oct?
  5. Virtual Conference (Org Team doing research)
    • 1 Day w/ person max? May?
    • Multiple days?
  6. Richard = What is the cost of putting on a virtual conference? With the split virtual/in-person, we could have no return on virtual portion if that would help drive the in-person portion
    • Hotels are hesitant to even give a quote currently
    • Virtual conference software is expensive – they want 1000s of attendees. Zoom is the only option so far with spreading out the program over several weeks since we only have 1 room at a time. Virtual could be evenings and free
  7. We started earlier, so we’re on track for the schedule now. The delays in getting responses from hotels is likely to push us back to behind schedule.
  8. Is Visit Denver an option to get a pool of venues? Shawna is point on venue lead – she is going to the ones we know are large enough and close enough to downtown. Richard to dig for the Visit Denver contacts


  1. What coordinated announcements will we deliver at the SIGs?

    1. Christen – Trello card on BoD Quarterly plan readout 
  2. Other needed communications?

    1. Jen is posting the bylaws on the website

Next Meeting:

As of now, who plans to be in-person vs remote vs absent?
  1. All remote

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