Board of Directors – Sept 15, 2020

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ATTENDEES: Ronica Roth, Lori Langston, Christen McLemore, Jen Krieger, Richard Dolman

Zoom from the meetup invite:


      • Who will take notes? Lori volunteers
  2. ROLL CALL/Introductions  

      • BoD attendees: Ronica Roth, Lori Langston, Christen McLemore, Jen Krieger, Richard Dolman
      • Community attendees: Trevor Peterson, Frank Vega
  3. Connect to Our Craft // Personal Check-ins + Wins

    • 10 minutes to go around the room and share something we learned or did in the last month.


  1. Frank – Talked with Larry Maccherone and saw a video he did on DevOps. Ronica’s name came up – AgileDevSecOps framework. Ronica gave him the principles for his framework.
  2. Lori – I attended the corporate women in technology summit today. Noticed that there were very few men at the summit. That’s a challenge and an opportunity for me to practice our dedication to inclusion and diversity. I’m going to ask around to find out why that happened.
  3. Christen – Camping with friends that are of diverse age groups. Talking around the campfire, shared what we did. I practiced not using Agile words to talk about Agile. I connected it with the Passion Test work that I do too and talked about figuring out what lights you up. One woman asked if she is too old to figure out what to do next? NO! You’re never too old to stop and figure out what you want to do today or tomorrow. Constant re-evaluation. It’s like an evolving backlog – constantly reprioritizing and assessing the future
  4. Jen – Had a wonderful and amazing thing happen, four VPs of engineering and myself had a conversation about what engagement folks from my org should have in their org. Certain parts of engineering think they can opt out of some portions of our work. One VP asked if someone with Agile in their title meant that the org could opt out of interacting. They agreed that it is not an opt out situation. We had a further discussion about how they need to pass that message down to their leaders. An amazing thing to see happen with this corporate culture.
  5. Ronica – Just finished David Marquet’s Leadership is Language. The core story is a merchant ship that made a bad choice and everyone perished in a hurricane. They have all of the bridge recordings. He uses this as a lesson around the environment that a leader creates. References Agile, but not centered around it. Just started Patrick – the Motive – why do you want to be a leader and do you understand what being a leader means. I’ve been mentoring individual leaders. 
  6. Richard – Been feeling like I’ve been picked up in a tornado. I am mentoring a couple of people who are just phenomenal. Give me great feelings about what I do. I’m probably learning more from them. Business is picking up and major deals are coming. The shock to the system is still challenging, excited to have work, but the magnitude of change and challenge is massive. Drinking from a firehose for the next couple of months. Scary but exciting.

  1. Community Forum (30 minutes max)

    1. How to get board candidates in front of voters, “how can I be a better candidate in future”?  Connect with voters and let people know your interest!
    2. 26 votes….out of 37 eligible voters
    3. Frank asked an interesting question around engagement. Question about how many rsvp vs show up? And, how is that changing in covid.How to increase attendance for meetups and convention?  This should be a major challenge to tackle at SIG organizers summit?
    4. Kumar 1st time attendee.  Gave him info on the organization website and links to meetup.
  2. Welcoming Lori / Updating Team Charter

    1. FYI: Link to Team Formation Avery Handouts
    2. Review task
    3. Interview Lori to learn her WIIFM
    4. Share with Lori everyone else’s WIIFM
    5. Review/update working agreements
  3. Officers

    1. Trevor was secretary, so we need a new secretary. Assume we should also put President up for vote?  Lori can take up secretary duties.  Others can pitch in when needed.
  4. Zoom

    1. Note: We currently have 9 users. One more user will take us to the next-level plan. (Pro->Business)
      • Could we share an account between SIG organizers to prevent need for leveling up? Yes, we can create user accounts that SIG leaders could share so that we don’t have to create anymore.  
      • May need some coaching from Christen on how this works.
  5. Treasurer Update

    1. Completed QB review and recon with accountant.  
    2. Current Cash Position
      • Chase: $206,582.52
      • PayPal: $46,962.98
      • Total CoH: $253,545.50
  6. MHA 2021 & Beyond

    1. We are meeting with some venues to determine what options we have to ensure safety and estimate costs for the conference changes (1 day, 450pp, onsite, etc.)
    2. We are meeting once a month until January 2021.
    3. We may have to change our approach to the program as well as onsite if COVID vaccine and cases do not improve a few months before the conference.
    4. Our Program Lead, Erika Lenz, is calling speakers directly to discuss their comfort levels in speaking in person and what they need to be confident.  Feedback will be shared after we have more calls completed.
  7. Meetup Mashup

    1. September mash-up with Memphis
    2. October mash-up with SoCal


  1. Trello Board: Review board right to left

    1. Updated items
    2. New:  Agile Denver Coaching is now Agile Denver Coaches and ScrumMasters with a revised summary that makes reference to Agile Denver org/website. Check out

  1. What coordinated announcements will we deliver at the SIGs?

    1. That we’ll be strategizing in October.  Key initiatives.  Reach out to with ideas on things we should be tackling.
    2. MHA 2021 – more information coming in January.  Exploring a 1-day, more intimate event in October 2021
  2. Other needed communications?

  1.  Action Plan

    1. Need to fill out the distribution lists for former board members, former SIG leaders and others ongoing
    2. Christen will send the board announcement to MailChimp distro – DONE
    3. Trevor will send board announcement to general distros and meetup distros – DONE
    4. Lori will send Jen bio for announcement – done
    5. Change the Slack channel “BOARD” to be “Chat with the BoD” or something that encourages folks to check in and start conversations. – DONE


  1. NEXT MEETING :  Tuesday Oct 20th, 2020

  2. Note: This will be our strategy meeting. We should probably plan our “homework” between now and then. Which is….
  3. As of now, who plans to attend
  4. Could we have a stand-up type meeting for new members so they have more direction on joining.
  5. Open the board meetings to the general public?  Would help to close the gap on virtual distance and get understanding of what is going on in the community.  Become an opportunity for us to generate action items.

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