2022 Quarter 2 Newsletter

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Lori Langston

Lori Langston is a Native of Colorado, working in the Denver area for 30+years. I have my SAFe Program Consultant (SPC 5) certification and have been a practicing ScrumMaster at Aetna - a CVS company for over 3 years. Prior to that, I spent time as a business analyst and project manager. My goal is to support the Agile Denver members and provide opportunities for their professional and personal growth. I want to help people make connections and encourage practice in a community of practice. The seeds for servant leadership and the productive growth of people working in teams has always been my motivation in work. I hope to bring energy and action to Agile Denver, to provide the kinds of informational and social interactions that we need collectively to be able to thrive and lead others. Outside of work, I like to hike, practice yoga, and read. My happy place is a hot springs resort, or the zoo!