Kat Higgins

A hungry learner with a radical growth mindset, Kat’s superpower is inspiring people to inspire others. She has helped international companies from Paris to Bengaluru to Wall St, from team to executive levels, with a passion for igniting individuals. She is the “katalyst” who ignites clients struggling with transformations by optimizing alignment and autonomy. In her role, Kat lights a clear strategic path through the chaos of enterprise changes using the power of technology to deliver business value.

She has spoken and presented at the global Agile 2019 conference, Agile Indy, Agile Games West, Agile Portland, Agile Marketing Indy and various events in Chicago, Ohio, New Orleans, New York City, Toronto, and Victoria, BC. She has served as Women in Agile Regional Representative, Agile Marketing Indianapolis Chairperson, and many others.

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