Manoj Vadakkan

Manoj Vadakkan stands at the forefront of Agile and AI innovation. As a management consultant with a rich three-decade career, he excels in transforming teams into high-performing units that consistently deliver customer value. Manoj is a leader in the Agile community, founding the AgileDC Conference and actively contributing to Agile Alliance Conferences, Global Scrum Gatherings, and PMI Summits around the world.

His exposure to AI started with his work that was part of his Master’s Degree in Computer Applications in 1992. His latest endeavor into AI includes an AI Agent integrating a Large Language Model (OpenAI) using RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) architecture to create a Scrum Consultant. In addition, he has created an AI medical consultant that can act as an assistant for an Intake Nurse Technician and consultant for a Physician in coming up with different` diagnoses based on the patient symptoms, medical history, and current medications.

Manoj holds the Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) certification, a highly regarded credential from Scrum Alliance for the last 10+ years. His academic credentials include a Master’s in Computer Applications and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics, supporting his deep understanding of both management and technology.