Michael Spayd

Things I’m known for:
-Agile Transformation: Using the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ to Think and Lead Differently, Addison-Wesley (originator & co-author)
-Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ (originator)

-Agile Coaching Institute ACI (cofounder)
-ACI Coach Competency model (creator)
-ICAgile knowledge / competency path for Team Coaches (co-creator)
-Trained, coached & mentored multiple thousand Agile coaches

-The Collective Edge (founder)
-Integral Sensemaking & Action™ framework / school of organizational coaching (creator)
-ICAgile knowledge & competency path for Enterprise Coaches (co-creator)
-Teacher and mentor of several hundred Organizational (Enterprise) Coaches
-The Systems Within – a new path to teaching systemic constellations (creator)