Board of Directors – January 21, 2020

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Call To Order

Roll Call / Introductions

  • BoD attendees: Trevor Peterson, Ronica Roth,  Christen McLemore, Jen Krieger
  • Community attendees:  Bri Sudduth

Connect to Our Craft

  • 10 minutes to go around the room and share something we learned or did in the last month.
    • Christen – Elmer’s makes a glue stick that turns paper into sticky notes. I got to use my scrapbooking laminating paper for planning poker for SAFe classes. (Jeff S showed it to me!!!!)
    • Ronica – I got to co-teach with my client a leading SAFe for the leadership group of an audit organization inside an insurance company. Adopting SAFe for how they work (cross functional teams) so that they can stop, don’t have to do everything if you’ve found the major risk. Helping them understand Agile and how their development teams use it. Great fun!
    • Jen – I have done nothing that connects me to my craft. Not really super proud of anything, we had a big re-org at work. I’ve been talking to lots of people about their anxiety about it.
    • Trevor – Enjoyed at the Kanban COP, the quarterly strategic review meeting. Like the ideas behind that. Get leadership to agree on the 3 or 4 things that are important, and get people filling out the A3s.
    • Bri – I’ve been helping with the Agile transformation at my company. Lessons about governance and partnership. Messaging that we are not here to kill your dream.


  1. Community Forum (30 minutes)
    1. Bri is observing. Been encouraged to join. 
  2. Team Formation (to orient and welcome our new board members)
    1. Our Purpose:
      1. Give Jen & Christen a chance to reflect
    2. WII-FM
      1. Open this document.
      2. Jen & Christen interview one another 
      3. We share their results, and our previous results
    3. Review / adjust working agreements
  3. Mile High Agile 2020 (board)
    1. Profit sharing workshop experiment – Christen (
      1. See last month’s notes here
      2. For 2020, BoD and chairs will decide what vendors we might like to partner with to collect some data this year.
      3. [CM insert trello card link]
    2. RD : Jen / Dan – Please let me know if anyone will be making on-going expenditures for MHA2020 and may need a Debit card issued. As in the past, anyone with an out-of-pocket, conference-related expense can email me with a copy of their receipt and I can issue reimbursement via PayPal (preferred) or via a physical check. 
      1. Need to fix Jen’s card
      2. Do we still want the only people who can make large purchases be the President and the Treasurer? Which is probably also a deep question about the role of the board.
      3. We should get Christen a card.  
    3. RD: PO Box – Someone should probably get the PO Box key from Tony M.  Last year there were a few sponsor checks sent there, instead of to me directly, and it caused some confusion and delays. Would either Jen or Christen be willing to take responsibility for checking the PO Box going forward?  Ronica is creating a card to move the PO box to downtown, close to the current BoD meeting location. We may just get a new one for Sponsor checks only; we could also do mail forwarding.
    4. Changes in Org team – Sue Laurent has accepted the Marketing Lead position.  Teddy Carroll will move to a supportive role as needed. (Announcements have been sent thru Slack and meeting agendas for Org and Program Teams)
  4. Bylaws review and updates
    1. See last month’s notes here
    2. How should we proceed? 
    3. There is a new draft here where we can make comments:
  5. New Secretary
    1. Trevor is secretary.
  6. Future BoD Meeting Conflicts
    1. May meeting is the last night of MHA. Decision:  No meeting that month. We will have seen each other plenty. We can keep up via Slack. If we need a quick decision on something we can zoom it. 
    2. July meeting is over Agile 2020. A quorum is not going (CM, TP, RR). So, we’ll keep it.
  7. Trello Board: Review board right to left
    1. Note: Ideas and To Do columns are old and unprioritized. Should we take some time to clean them up? DECISION: We want to do a half-day soon to do 2020 Strategy and Quarterly Roadmap and Q1 plan. There’s a card in Trello for it.

Communication Plan

  1. What coordinated announcements will we deliver at the SIGs?
    1. 10-year anniversary MHA 18-19 May. Tickets still available. Sponsorships still available.
    2. MHA Day-Of Volunteers opens up in February
  2. Other needed communications?

Next Meeting: Tuesday Feb 18th 2020

  1. As of now, who plans to be in-person vs remote vs absent?  
    1. Richard – I may be in person, but remote is a possibility 
    2. Jen – in person
    3. Christen – I’m able to attend in person
    4. Ronica – I’ll be remote (barring any changes to client’s schedule)
    5. Trevor – I should be in person
  2. FYI – For the March meeting (3/17), the conference room we use is already booked until 6:00PM.  I’ve reserved it from 6-8PM so we have it held. Is everyone OK starting at 6:00PM or should we find another location, or just go with a virtual meeting for March? 
    1. We may be able to use an office space in Jen’s apartment in March – it’s across the street from union station.

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